Currently Creasing №37

Currently Creasing №37


1 | On "climate gentrification": a crossroads of real estate & climate change

2 | The new podcast by a fellow Wing Woman that we are thrilled about

3 | How to avoid invalidating language traps

4 | The potential detrimental effect of a relationship on our health

5 | A week of darkness, for your health

6 | The new promising Alzheimer's drug that could slow dementia, but the math is getting ugly

7 | The secrets to a 90-year marriage

8 | A new reason to be concerned about air pollution

9 | We have a public health crisis

10 | Meanwhile in other public health news, Trump wants to cut The Global HIV Program that has had invaluable global impact

11 | Two reads: "Bodily Harm" & "A House is a Body"

12 | Getting real about childbirth, periods, menopause, & more


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10 Meal Prep Tips

10 Meal Prep Tips

Golden Granola

Golden Granola