Currently Creasing №38

Currently Creasing №38


1 | On waiting for moments of satisfaction

2 | The detrimental post-partum signs that every mother should know & reducing repetitive stress injuries from carrying a baby

3 | When doctors don't listen to womxn: what is "healthcare gaslighting"?

4 | Change your sitting position, fix your back

5 | A week of darkness, for your health

6 | The difference between PMS and PMDD

7 | The life-saving medication everyone should know about in the current public health crisis

8 | A neural link has been found between depression & sleep, which is also a key to educational success

9 | Truths to know about Lyme's Disease because a new invasive tick is spreading across the U.S.

10 | The impact of literature on health care

11 | How to get kids to eat more vegetables


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"You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down."


Empowering Labour

Empowering Labour

Remembering Charlottesville Through Action

Remembering Charlottesville Through Action