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Financial health has a direct correlation to that of our entire well-being: physical and emotional. Health has social determinants across cultures. Inability to pay off debt has a effect on both, unsurprisingly. Debt, which often stems from unequal pay, also can cause depression by having an effect on the entire household. Financial disparity has an effect on communities. It goes without citation that communities that are financially depressed also experience health disparities, whether it's through food deserts or even access to the nearest hospital. Not-fun-fact: I lived two hours away from the nearest hospital for a year in West Texas, where the median income is less than $24,000 and the median female income is more than $10,000 less than that of the male income. 

This is apropos of the recent longform piece, "How the BBC Women are Working Towards Equal Pay" by Lauren Collins for The New Yorker, which chronicles the fight on the gender pay gap & equal pay at the BBC. This is a critical read for everyone, and especially so for those who have been confused as to the difference between these two concepts. We highly recommend it for allies as well—not just those who identify as womxn.

As Carrie Gracie highlights, this fight must happen with arms linked. As Carrie Gracie shares with Collins, isolation is not just a consequence of pay inequality but also a root cause of it. Those at the BBC "owe their success to coming together and sharing—information, risk, the emotional burden of public scrutiny and internal backlash." 

The reason the BBC thought they could get away with it is that they hadn’t factored in the multiplier effect of solidarity . . . If you tell me I’m rubbish, I might believe you, but if you tell me she’s rubbish I know it’s not true.
— Carrie Gracie

So, we are sharing a list of resources that are also predominantly created by & for womxn to empower you in the fight for equal pay, create solidarity, and close the gender pay gap. 

Because we don't want pocket change, we want change in our pockets . . .

How To: Know Your Market Worth, Negotiate a Raise, & Advance Your Career

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