Say Their Names

Say Their Names


Three black trans women have been murdered in a matter of days, with barely any national news coverage. We say their names in rememberance:

Vontashia Bell

Murdered on 8.30.18 in Shreveport, Louisiana at age 18

"Louisiana has disproportionately carried a burden of anti-trans deaths. Bell’s death marks the 13th known killing of a transgender person in Louisiana since January 2013, the highest among all 50 states."


Dejanay Stanton

Murdered on 8.30.18 in Chicago at age 24

"Sadly, Stanton’s death marks the 18th known killing of a transgender or non-binary person this year. In a deeply troubling pattern, the victims have all too often been killed by gun violence." 

Shantee Tucker

Murdered on 9.5.18, age 30, found on a highway in Philadelphia

Tucker had just celebrated her 30th birthday. Friends and family honored her life and mourned her death on Facebook, recalling that she was like “another big sister” to them and remembering her “beautiful spirit and fun aura.” Her cousin said that Tucker was now “waiting in line to get her halo.”

A total of 18 trans women have been murdered in the U.S. in 2018. The number is likely higher, however, since many trawns women are misgendered in death. Trans men, too, are targets as they are routinely raped and are murdered then misgendered. Statistics ae not accurate due to this misgendering.

At The Thirlby, we will not be silent in the targeted crime and violence against the Trans community.  This is an epidemic that urgently needs to be addressed by our communities and voiced to our elected officials and institutions. We urge you to take part in fighting agains this violence by sharing this post, talking with & educating your peers about this violence, and donating to organisations such as the Human Rights Campaign & The Trevor Project if it's within your means.

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