But How: Creating Habits That Serve You

But How: Creating Habits That Serve You

About the “But How” Series

Every day, we are inundated with a plethora of lofty, spiritual quotes online. “Vibrate higher,” they say. "Let go of your doubts." "Trust your intuition." But How?! This series was created by energetic intuitive and coach Lenéa Sims as a way to make the metaphysical physical so you can real-ize your dreams. Using a mix of creative exercises and simple energy work, this series will make your spiritual ideals actionable in your everyday life.

“Sommeil Jaune et Bleu” by Pierre Boncompain

“Sommeil Jaune et Bleu” by Pierre Boncompain

Have you been feeing the blanket of Winter over your New Year’s aimed habits?

Often people come to me for advice on how to make the changes they know they need to to live more fulfilled lives. They want to be kinder to their bodies, more aware in their minds, love themselves deeper, etc. – but, they get stuck on the actual action part. Their intentions are there but when it comes down to taking action, they fall back into old habits and find it hard to make progress.

In most cases, the habits they are trying to break are based in fear. You, too, perhaps have felt or are feeling this block. You may cognitively want to achieve a more creative, more in-flow life, for example, but you are afraid of success. You may know that you want to take better care of your body, but you fear the power that comes with feeling good each day. It may seem illogical once stated to fear this type of growth, but many of us innately fear change – for better or worse.

So, what happens when you fear the very life you are trying to manifest? You halt your own growth.

When we fear growing, we question our self-worth. We are operate in the energy of smallness, of insecurity, of comfortable discomfort. We question our right to a life that we do, indeed, actually very much deserve.

To get to the root of this, I suggest you take some time to daydream. Schedule it in your day if you must. In this daydream time, I want you to think about the life you want to live. Picture yourself living it, basking in the energy of it. If any thoughts arise that tell you "Oh, this is silly" or "I'll never actually have this," let them show up, acknowledge them and politely ask them to leave.

Because this issue is deeply rooted in your the habits you've created (perhaps even beyond your own awareness), I want you to also do the following energy exercise daily:

1. Think about a habit you wish to change. (Begin with one habit per week, doing the exercise daily and then switching to a new one in the next week.)

2. Write down an affirmation for how you want to feel in the present tense as if it is a reality. For example, "I eat to nourish my body and I enjoy my food."

3. Now, write down the same affirmation but with a negative spin (using words like "never" "not" "don't") but with the same meaning. For example, "I don't eat for anxiety or compulsion." Both affirmations should feel specifically true to your own experiences with the habit you are having trouble changing.

4. Now we tap. Begin with your middle three fingers and start tapping at the left temple, going from the front of your head to the back behind your lower ear. As you do this, recite the negatively worded affirmation in a rhythm until you have recited it 5 times.

5. Now repeat the above on the right side and with the positively worded affirmation.

6. Do this several times a day, at least once in the morning and once in the evening.

Slowly, these exercises will rewire your neural pathways thus reprogramming your habit field towards one that supports the changes you wish to make.

Lastly, remember to take growth day at a time. All you have to do is do the exercises today – Make the choices in your best interest, today. You are always on your path and you are always going at the right pace.


About the Author

Lenéa Sims is an energy worker, coach, and artist born, bred and living in Los Angeles. After reading one too many inspirational quotes, she decided there had to be a way to make metaphysical platitudes into physical realities. So, she developed a technique of simple energetic and creative exercises to help people enhance their energy and make real what they desire. Her work centers primarily upon joy, creativity, and empowering people to become their own healers. She has written and spoken about it all over including at SXSW 2018. Get more energy tips or book a session with Lenéa here.

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