A Giving Giveaway in Honour of Womxn's History Month

A Giving Giveaway in Honour of Womxn's History Month

Why We Are Hosting this Giving Giveaway

Wellness is a microcosm—a rosy bubble—in which we all float on by ourselves, for ourselves. More often than not, it's individualistic, self-oriented, and isolationist. But there's a world beyond it and beyond us. When we are well as a world, we are well as individuals. Bridging the gap of diversity & inclusion in the Wellness sphere has been our mission from the beginning. And for us, that means showing the truly holistic aspect of what it means to be healthy: heal(thy) world.

The Wellness sphere doesn’t merely have a diversity problem; it is exclusionary. Diversity isn’t about using tokenising stock photos of diverse faces—it’s about what you share, support, and through whose mouths. It’s about centering the stories and voices of otherwise marginalised communities, from Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) to differently-abled bodies to LGBTQAI2S+ voices. It’s redefining Wellness into the issue of public health it is, which is in crisis for Black mothers and in general with healthcare. It’s taking a good, hard, slapping look at where our food comes from and on whose backs. It’s recognising the toxicity of fatphobia and diet culture guised as “wellness” and health. It’s about navigating mental health as a queer person.

And it’s choosing to support the products and services of such a community of ours to benefit it right back. We are honoured to host a Giving Giveaway of products by BIPOC womxn- and nonbinary-owned businesses to raise funds for three powerful organisations, two of which are local to us in Washington, D.C.: Black Mamas Matter, HIPS DC, and RAICES.

To Enter the Giveaway

  1. Donate to one of the organisations below support womxn from today, March 27th, through March 31st 11:59 p.m. EST. There’s no minimum amount required to enter the giveaway and every bit helps.

  2. Forward the e-receipt you receive to thethirlbygiveaway@gmail.com with the subject line “Donated”

  3. If you choose to donate to more than one organisation, send the e-receipts separately for an additional giveaway entry.

  4. Follow us on Instagram & tag your friends under your giveaway post to increase our fundraising efforts for these powerful organisations. And please kindly give our participating brands a supporting follow, too. This elevates their voice and reach.

We’ll contact the winner on April 1st—not a joke!

Here's what you can win:

  • The Thirlby: A Field Guide to a Vibrant Mind, Body, & Soul by Almila Kakinc-Dodd

  • $20 Online Gift Card from BLK + GRN

  • A Resurface Scrub & Agender Oil from NOTO Botanics

  • A soy wax candle, bath salts, & lip balm from The Wellness Apothecary

  • A Jar of fair-trade, organic turmeric & zine from Diaspora

  • Honeysuckle Rose Spray & Rose Balm from Pholk Beauty

  • A Meditation Download from Lauren Ash

  • Middle Eastern spice collection from NY Shuk

  • Fair-trade shea butter from Eu’Genia

Black Mamas Matter

Black Mamas Matter Alliance is a Black women-led cross-sectoral alliance. We center Black mamas to advocate, drive research, build power, and shift culture for Black maternal health, rights, and justice.


HIPS promotes the health, rights, and dignity of individuals and communities impacted by sexual exchange and/or drug use due to choice, coercion, or circumstance. It provides compassionate harm reduction services, advocacy, and community engagement that is respectful, non-judgmental, and affirms and honors individual power and agency.


RAICES is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency that promotes justice by providing free and low-cost legal services to underserved immigrant children, families, and refugees.

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