Our Favourite Bean-Free & Vegan Dip Recipes

I’ll start with the disclaimer that this isn’t a diss towards hummus! In fact, as a Turk, I would defend its contentious roots with my fellow Greeks, Arabs, and Middle Easterners by shoving hummus into all of our mouths to remind them of what is actually important: its flavour. I’ve had my fair share of delighting in it and its secrets, from adding breadcrumbs before blending to only using soaked, home-boiled, and shelled chickpeas. And nothing will parallel its mouthfeel and the excitement of exploring its varieties.

Yet, as someone with autoimmune illnesses including Celiac’s Disease and a dairy allergy, I couldn’t partake in its glory for long before my diagnoses. As I wrote about it in my book The Thirlby: A Field Guide to a Vibrant Mind, Body, & Soul, I took that as a challenge to experiment and play more in the kitchen rather than sulk in my losses. There are a variety of recipes in there as a result, including a bean-free beet dip & nut- & grain-free crackers.

Photo courtesy of Heidi Swanson

Photo courtesy of Heidi Swanson

Below you’ll ind additional tried, tested, and salivated-over recipes that are bean-free and vegan dip alternatives to hummus



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