Period Essentials

Period Essentials

Period pick-me-ups from Cheeky readers

Thank you so much to all who passed along their soothing tips. We've definitely been inspired!


Making homemade chocolate and licking half the bowl, and impatiently waiting for it to set to eat the other half. (after this post, I will be heading to the grocery store for brownie mix. licking the bowl is luxurious). Some of our favourite chocolate bars at The Thirlby are these bars, these coconut cups, these honey-cocoa bars, and our newfound favourite with Nordic-inspired flavours!

Snack Cravings

Honey Mustard & Onion Snyder's Pieces with Toblerone chocolate is a recommendation by a Cheeky reader. For a gluten-free & refined sugar-free option, we recommend these mixed with a little drizzle of this & a couple tablespoons of these little chocolate chips!

Lush Baths

A long soak in the bath with a bath bomb and a glass of red wineusually malbec or pinot noir, but no mixing alcohol with Midol/Tylenol! Here at The Thirlby, we recommend biodynamic & natural wines. You can read more about why in this NY Times article.  

Letting the Body Do Its Things

Letting myself fall apart, taking nap, and doing absolutely nothing productive on the worst day. 

Big Little Things

Justin's dark chocolate peanut butter cups*; iced almond milk lattés—we love this creamer; sitting in the sunshine; taking walks outside; steam room at the gym; fun workout playlists & classes; and watching silly T.V. shows.—you can find comedy films at The Thirlby Library

*We love these chocolate cups as a refined sugar-free alternative 

Brownies in My Belly

Aleve, a plug-in heating pad, and a glass of wine with dinner craving: fried chicken & brownies. We love this grain-free, homemade oven-fried chicken recipe at The Thirlby! 

It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here!

Circular heating pad and Ghirardelli caramel milk chocolate. A great non-dairy & refined sugar-free option we love at The Thirlby is this one

Me, Myself, and I Time

Staying in, half a glass of wine, brownie, shitty T.V. and heating pad.  At The Thirlby, we are delirious about these brownies

Hot & Cold

Hot and cold gel pack! 

These are a few of my favourite things

 Peppermint essential oil, High-absorption magnesium for cramps, a rice heat pack, face masks for hormonal acne, sometimes a corset for the pressure on my lower abdomen - this corset must be a similar feeling to the pillow I rest on my stomach! 

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